Faeriefer's Realm


Welcome to Faeriefer's Realm, where Historical Queens, Knights and Princesses, Fairy tale, Folklore and Mythical Legends await in our Treasure Trove of themed Jewellery and Gifts.

Here you will find beautiful hand crafted jewellery inspired by the fairy realm and fantasy. Alongside mythical creatures and medieval queens you will find vegan makes and a touch of wicca.

Take yourself back to a Medieval Age and imagine a World of Fantasy and Magical Enchantment.

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We have unique designs in our handcrafted range of medieval inspired jewellery from King Arthur to Plantagenet and Tudor rule. 

We also stock a range of fantasy jewellery and giftware by leading artists including Anne Stokes, Christine Haworth and Lisa Parker. We stock a range of sterling silver, gemstone and bronze faerie jewellery by Amy Brown, Peter Stone, Jessica Galbreth, Selina Fenech and from around the world. We have fantasy artists Briar, Lauren De Lacy and Greenwood.

Please take time to browse our items and enjoy the treasure trove that is the Faeriefer Realm.  

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If you are looking for our jewellery supplies, please go to https://www.faeriefersupplies.co.uk